Top Acoustic Guitars under $1000

When it comes to shopping for an acoustic guitar, there is a wide range in brand and quality to choose from. From the type of wood, to the design, sound, and tone, it’s a good idea to do a little research beforehand so you know you are investing in the perfect instrument to suit your needs. The following list of acoustic guitars under $1000 will give you an excellent starting point.


Acoustic Guitars

The Seagull Artist Mosaic Guitar

The Seagull Artist mosaic guitar features a solid cedar top and mahogany sides and back. This wood combination is known to produce a warm and soft sound. The guitar’s polished finish further coats the sweet sound. This guitar comes with a high-quality TRIC case. The bridge and fingerboard are made from Rosewood, and the solid cedar top has been select tested. For soft music to be played in mellow intimate settings, the Seagull Artist Mosaic guitar is one of the best around for under $1,000.

Breedlove Solo Concert Acoustic Guitar

The Breedlove Solo Concert acoustic guitar is known as ideal for singer-songwriters who appreciate the customized coveted Breedlove sound. The combination of cedar and rosewood produce clear-ringing notes known to linger in the air. The Breedlove was designed with the player in mind as they can clearly hear the instrument as they play. The cedar and Indian rosewood works together to produce the clearest of articulated notes, which is why it is the perfect choice for singer-songwriters who like to play or perform in intimate surroundings.

Yamaha A-Series A3M Dreadnought

The Yamaha A-Series A3M Dreadnought is part of their A-series acoustic-electric guitar line. The A3M features a new look that is contemporary and sleek. It is known as one of the easier guitars to play due to its studio response technology (S.R.T). The A3M was designed to check all the boxes in look, sound, playability, and feel. It features a stunning Sitka spruce top, a mahogany neck, back and sides, with a lovely ebony fingerboard, bridge, and neck profile. Guitarists describe their experience with the Yamaha A-Series A3M Dreadnought as one they could play for hours on end with little player or sound fatigue.

The Blueridge Historic Series BR-160

The Blueridge Historic Series BR-160 is known as the guitar that has it all. From its historic pre-war design, to its great sound and vintage look, this is one of the most sought after vintage-style guitars on the market. It features a Sitka spruce top with hand-carved details, Indian rosewood back and sides, which all work together to complement the strong bass sound the Blueridge emits. Featuring a dovetail joint, the mother-of-pearl neck is slim and comfortable. As Blueridge specializes in more traditional guitars, someone with an appreciation for the evolution of the instrument will see the beauty, charm, and warm sound of this Blueridge as one of the best acoustic guitar choices for under $1,000.

Anyone who has played a guitar knows there is a huge variance in the look, feel, and sound produced by the varieties available. It is great to know that such amazing acoustic guitars under 1000 are available.